Year 2016 of Toccata Studio

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who believed in Toccata Studio and stand by our sides along the journey.

Fugu Beijing Tour

Toccata Studio kick start year 2016 with a Beijing Tour of FUGU, the theremin and violin duo. In conjuntion to the launch of their 2nd album, New York based Malaysian violinist Fung Chern Hwei and Toccata Studio’s artistic director, renowned composer / thereminist Ng Chor Guan embark on a journey of music gigs touring in Beijing, March 2016.

Mobius Strip Theatre (Taiwan) VS Toccata Studio (Malaysia)

An exchange project, collaboration between Mobius Strip Theatre (Taiwan) V.S. Toccata Studio (Malaysia) was launch in March 2016. Creative producer of Toccata Studio, Tan E-Jan and artistic director Ng Chor Guan took a two weeks co-creation trip to Taipei and Tainan, spending time living together with Taiwanese artists from Mobius Strip Theatre, aiming on exploring each others practices. A showcase was arranged at the end of the trip at Tainan, involving locals participation in this interactive approach.

The exchange project enjoy its phase two in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in July 2016. Producer Cordelia Yang and two Artists from Taiwan visited Kuala Lumpur for 10 days period as an extension to phase one exploration in Taiwan. Another showcase was presented at Space.Toccata at the end of the programme.

This project will enjoy its next phase in 2017. Stay tuned for more updates!

This project will enjoy its next phase in 2017. Stay tuned for more updates!

Mobile Phone Orchestra

Mobile Phone Orchestra (MPO), an interactive public music making idea first created by Ng Chor Guan in 2011, bringing people in the crowd from spectators of a performance into active participants: performers themselves are orchestra members as long they join with their respective mobile phones.
MPO tracks are given out for free, aim to create awareness towards nature and surroundings.

This immersive performance sees the power of sound into space transformation.

< 2020 Roundtable > for < PROJECT 2020 >

< 2020: I’m from 2020 >

<Project 2020> unfolds the second time into a brand new stage production <2020: I’m from 2020> in September 2016. A collaboration with T.T.C. Dance from Taiwan, ASK Dance from Malaysia, lighting designer PC Sei from Hong Kong and 17 volunteer performers (past 2020 round table participants) from various profession, age 7-70. The production opens on 1st and 2nd October 2016 as part of KLDiverseCity Festival. Travel through time, clones from different eras in search for the one and only coming from 2020 to 2016. Did you manage to find the one from 2020?

Space Age

<Space Age> received an invitation to perform a showcase at Arko Main Theatre for PAMS 2016 in Seoul, South Korea.

Space Age is going on ASIA TOUR starting 2017.

We are thankful to those who have supported Toccata Studio along the way in many ways. If you think creativity, arts and culture is important and wants to be part of our journey, please feel free to stay connected and we are more than happy to collaborate in various ways !