2020 is a five-year project discussing change and being its agent; this project began with a centering on the integration of science and art in a live performance that debuted in 2015. Artistic director Ng Chor Guan interrogates ideas of time, perfect vision and the visionary, and the future via initiatives such as roundtable talks, a series of forum-like sessions with a focus on profession and individual agency; interactive performance in which there is a blurring between the roles of audience and performance, and more, built upon a narrative structure of time-travelling clones who reunite but are unable to connect. 2020 offers its audience-participants new ways of accessing experiences while moving them towards better futures, real and imagined.


2020 : An Arrival (2015)

2020 : I’m from 2020 (2016)

2020 : Futurists’ Diaries (2017)

2020:Timescaper (2018- 2019)

Project 2020 by Toccata Studio

The 2020 Roundtable talks is a series of roundtable discussions initiated under the 2020 project umbrella.