About Toccata Studio

Toccata Studio is a registered not-for-profit organization, a performing arts collective, and an incubator for the creative and the multidisciplinary.

We create innovative works that centers art as a future-shaping force: they transcend boundaries of music, theatre, text, dance, and visual arts. We focus on themes of time and change, speaking to these concepts with the languages of contemporary artistic innovation and technology.

We are creators and developers of performing arts. Our work is a reflective mirror and an answering voice, looking and conversing closely with the universe at large. Like hands, building and breaking in growth and preservation. We hold the past, walk with the contemporary and mold the future.

Toccata Studio performs research with art

Toccata Studio is also a space for the meeting of minds and innovation, challenging and pushing against boundaries for possibilities of creation. Not only in the active use of new technologies but the renewal and reworking of methods of the past. Toccata Studio is where the synthesis of tradition and modernity happens, a place for artists, collaborators, art forms and scientific methods to meet, connect, and synergize – creating new pathways to understand and speak to the world.


Our artistic work is borne from innovation within the artistic method: spanning and transcending boundaries of genre, discipline, industry and culture. An extensive process requiring research, exploration and examination of the world, we move to converse with the many worlds and realities. This conversing when joined with strong collaboration and co-creation between ourselves and our partners becomes an active rippling in the movements of the world.

Tan E-Jan - Creative Producer

Ng Chor Guan - Artistic Director