About Toccata Studio

Toccata Studio, the creative incubator, is a not-for-profit organisation, actively advocating for the proliferation of the arts in our daily lives. Founded in 2012, Toccata Studio is dedicated to creative development in multidisciplinary performing arts, centring on arts as a future-shaping force.

Among the first of its kind, Toccata Studio’s featured works include: Mobile Phone Orchestra (2011-present), Intertwined (2013), RE-RevoEvo (formerly RE: RevolutionEvolution) (2013-present) and their most recent creation, Project 2020 (2015-present).

Toccata Studio is affiliated to Space.Toccata, a creative research and development laboratory in Petaling Jaya (Malaysia), currently offers artistic residency opportunities to individuals whose practice falls within innovative and contemporary, local and abroad. Toccata Studio also runs experimental sessions in improvisational dance and music regularly at Space.Toccata.

Toccata Studio is of the firm belief that arts play an important role in the growth of culture and humanity, create identity, reflect current society and archive the era. Toccata Studio offers itself and its work as a means for accessing better futures.

Click on their names to learn more about our co-founders Tan E-Jan and Ng Chor Guan.


Tan E-Jan - Creative Producer

Ng Chor Guan - Artistic Director