Year 2016 of Space.Toccata

Introduction of Space.Toccata

Space.Toccata is a creative research and development lab and hub for arts. Its multifunction appearance in the community plays various roles in the effort to elevate level of awareness in creativity and arts. We engaged people from all races, age, profession, religion through arts, culture and creativity.

Residency Programme at Space.Toccata

Sneak peek of the residency room

2016 sees the launch of Residency Programme at Space.Toccata. 
Open call all year round, not only for artists, but individual whose practice falls within the creative, innovative, contemporary, critical and experimental.

For more information / enquiries, kindly writes to [email protected]

Sonic Poem by Paul Timings (New Zealand)

Paul Timings from New Zealand spent 3 months in residency programme, developing his project sound and visual interactive installation, “Sonic Poem”.
An interview on BFM about the project and Toccata Studio residency programme can be found here.

Spacetime Illusion: Capture Creatures

A cross discipline collaboration project between original music, contemporary dance and experimental video. Space.Toccata welcomes Chai Mi (visual artist) from Beijing, Nurul (dancer) from Sarawak and Guan (musician) from Klang. The trio artists from various background showcases a multidiscipline experimental performance, improvisational and inspiring, communicating through their artistic practice respectively.

Post performance discussion

Dance=Music Series #13 KLNY

Dance=Music Series is a platform created by artistic director, Ng Chor Guan in 2013. This initiative brings musicians and dancers together, creating improvisational performance, using purely body movements and music created live on the spot as language to communicate. It has been running for 12 episodes. This time on the 13, we welcome Kensaku Shinohara, a Japanese dancer/choreographer based in New York to Space.Toccata, collaborate with music composer, Ng Chor Guan.

Can you hear music in the movement? (photo courtesy of Alvin Shen)

move, move again. (photo courtesy of Alvin Shen)

Cake Project

CAKE Project, a micro crowd funding not-for-profit initiative started in 2012, witness its #18 and #19 in year 2016.

CAKE Project is organised twice yearly, with an open call to those who have a creative idea coming to pitch at the event. Members of the public is widely invited to join with a minimum payment of RM15 going into a prize pot. In return, they get to enjoy homemade cake, coffe/tea, conversation, listen to creative ideas and vote for their favorite. The project gets most votes will win all money in the prizepot to kickstart the proposed project. 
Guest performer will join occasionally, making short performances/sharing session.

Learn more about CAKE Project

Guest performer: Chong Ling-Zi on accordion

Toccapoly Holiday Camps

Can you see me?

TOCCAPOLY is an all art forms educational programme originally created by 6 artists/educators for children age 4-9. Toccapoly combines various art forms as one, exploring cultures around the world through hands-on activities that inspire creative and innovative thinking.

A video clip introducing Toccapoly, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgjX6qSRPmQ

Littlest Fun Fair

A fun filled day with arts !

A one day event bringing arts closer to children and vice versa, filled with hands-on activities and immersive experience for children between age 3-12.

South East Asia Residency Network Links

A visit of South East Asia residency network to Space.Toccata

Gallery Weekend

Showcase of Toccata Studio’s projects and productions as part of Gallery Weekend – an initiative bringing multidisciplinary galleries together in one weekend.

Rental at Space.Toccata

Students concert by private music teacher.

Space.Toccata Available for Rent ~ exclusively yours ~ is the tagline!

Space.Toccata is available for rent. If you are individual or small groups looking for a space to run workshops, rehearsals, regular classes, gathering, private parties, recitals, showcases, exhibition, panel discussion and more, Space.Toccata is well equipped with spaces of various sizes, at reasonable price. Please do not hesitate to contact [email protected]

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