2020 2020:Timescaper (2018- 2019)

2020 : Timescaper explores the concept of journeying individual and the freedom and perils of forging and shaping one’s own path: If the time-scaper is found to be in a constant struggle for control over time, they are also in a play of sounds, a ‘time-escaper’, stretching and extending themselves against and away from time, adding another layer of meaning to express the trope of time as destiny, and one’s struggles in making the most of one’s life as attempts of escaping time/destiny.

Music is at the forefront here, it is sound, feeling, picture, a vessel, a time machine – the timescaper at the helm. Visuls as its complement envelops the audience and yet serving as a distancing and clarifying element to an immersive performance.

‘2020: Timescaper’ is created in collaboration with Paranormal String Quartet from Munich, Germany.

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