New Music Series

New Music Series is an ongoing series of the live improvisational performances featuring interactions between contemporary dance and music. These quarterly performances are created by composer Ng Chor Guan – the constant music feature in the series – who invites musicians to one to two sessions at the Toccata Studio lab in SS2, Petaling Jaya. New Music Series has under its belt, eight differing installments of music improvisational performances, ranging from classical to avant-garde music. Producer Tan E-Jan considers the series an exploration of the possibilities of musicians and instruments of different backgrounds mixing and merging to produce new and exciting sounds.

The improvisational nature of these performances allows freedom from stifling conventions and the crippling fear of erring. Yet it does not take away the grounding elements that make performance compelling: improvisation is built upon the unshakeable foundation of years of study and practice.

Music is an age old mode of expression and communication; it is the belief of both producer and creator of New Music Series that art is inherently inspiring and world-changing. New Music Series is a manifest of that belief; creator Ng Chor Guan wishes to present to students, art practitioners and the general public the wonders of interaction and serendipity in improvisational art.