Finding Takao 《厷口印迹》

‘Finding Takao’ is a creation based on local history, local elements, local stories of Kaohsiung. Located in the southern area of Taiwan, Kaohsiung was once known as Takao, historically the biggest port in Taiwan, at some point the third largest container port. Containers at the port was no doubt the most symbolic icon to Kaohsiung. Streets in Kaohsiung city was named after literary significance. Local folklores were widely spread, assimilate into daily lives as part of local culture. ‘Finding Takao’ provided a chance for Ng Chor Guan to present a brand new creation by exploring local cultures, looking into the missing history, reflects the current society and archive the contemporary.

來自馬來西亞的作曲家、聲音藝術家黃楚原,繼 2018 年在鹿港駐村作品《無形存在》探討媽祖的典故與在地婦女堅毅的精神與對當地社會發展的貢獻後,今年選擇在高雄對在地男性對社會發展的推動進行探討,實地走訪調查每個角落的素材,創作獻給高雄的跨界音樂影像作品《厷口印跡》。

黃楚原於 2011 年開始以腳踏車作為代步工具,得以貼近瞭解在地元素,也以此拉近人與人之間的溝通距離。他以腳踏車作為創作出發,不但深入採集在地文化,同時也透過藝術手法呈現不一樣的風貌,挖掘歷史的痕跡,記錄當代同時創造未來。曾于 2017年在韩国驻村创作《寻找潘索里》、2018 为欧洲文化之都瓦莱塔举办的Alto Fest 创作了《寻找马尔他》。《厷口印迹》为《寻找系列》的最新创作。目前黃楚原各個作品之發表及創作展演經驗足跡遍佈四大洲逾35 個國家,超過60個大城小鎮。



  • World Premiere commissioned by Kaohsiung Weiwuying National Center for the Arts (2019)