2020 2020 : I’m from 2020 (2016)

It’s 2016, and among the everyday man is a clone or two, searching for the one who came from 2020. Together they count towards twenty, a passcode that has transported them across time to here and now. The one from 2020 is here, the clones know this. Rumor has it that they were the only one left after a great tragedy, and is hiding here now, in the turbulent year of 2016. A great light presses down slowly but surely, and perhaps the one from 2020 has a clue as to why. As the story unfolds, the clones are racing in groups or otherwise, trying to catch a slippery fellow time-traveler. As they each come closer to their bounty, their arms are stretching in joint-popping desperation. They have yet to learn that it does not have to be a competition. And the light presses down, surer than ever.

2020: I’m from 2020 is about multiple journeys converging into one journey of multiple strands, pushing relentlessly forward to a better future.