Tan E-Jan

E-Jan Tan is a passionate creative producer based in Malaysia. Co-Founder of Toccata Studio, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to creative research and development, with a focus on multidisciplinary performing arts, centring on arts as a future-shaping force.

E-Jan’s productions are boundary pushing. 2015 saw her into the future, initiated focus on discussions about change and being agents of change via concept of time travel. not only features simultaneous sensory translations of emotions through yearly stage performances creatoins (including created in 2015, created in 2016), also created a platform sessions, brought people of different professional background together for roundtable discussions on each contribution in building a better future, real or imagined. As a creative collective, Toccata Studio strongly believe the best way to see our future is to create it.

E-Jan Tan is an unstoppable force in the vibrant arts scene of Malaysia: in 2014, she has attended the Asia Producers’ Platform in South Korea, to which she has committed 4 years, and is currently facilitating several international collaborations, recently selected as a member in the new planning team. Early 2015, she was invited by the Ministry of Culture, France, to represent Malaysia in a cultural seminar for two weeks, held in Paris and Nantes. She was also invited to participate in the International Theatre Festival for Young Audience in Okinawa, Japan in July 2015. In September of the same year, she received invitation to IETM Satellite meeting, held in Gwangju and Seoul, South Korea, in conjunction to opening of Asian Cultural Center in Gwangju. Year 2015 sees her in Taipei, Taiwan for 2nd Asian Producers Platform. In mid-2016, she participated in the Asian Producer’s Platform for the third time, in Tokyo and Shizuoka, Japan. E-Jan was selected global fellow twice in the ISPA program held in New York City, United States, in 2016 and 2017. The 4th Asian Producers Platform brought her to Melbourne, Australia. E-Jan Tan recently selected a member of steering committee in Asian Producers’ Platform, to facilitate international exchange of professional knowledge and experiences. She is determined to further broaden and deepen international collaboration in the aim of elevating the levels of awareness and appreciation for contemporary performing arts.


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