The conception of ‘Intertwined’ began with Steve Goh, a dancer and choreographer, who wanted to explore human interaction and relationships via dance and body movement. Together with composer Ng Chor Guan and artist Lisa Foo, Goh created a cross-disciplinary performance featuring contemporary dance, music and installation art with the help of producer Tan E-Jan. Composer, Ng Chor Guan, is an internationally acclaimed composer whose film music has won awards at Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival in France and the Art Film Fest in Slovak Republic. Choreographer and dancer, Steve Goh, is a multiple Boh Cameronian Arts Awards recipient, and has collaborated with dancers from around the globe. Lisa Foo, whose background is architecture, is an installation artist whose work River Meets Light was featured in the George Town Festival 2011.

Steve Goh considers his choreography an interpretation of the word ‘intertwined’, which to him meant the complex and fascinating relationships that people forge (or break) with each other. Goh sees the performance as reflecting the interconnectedness of people and their environment. Sharing the same sentiment, Ng interprets the word ‘intertwined’ as ‘weaving’, and cites Southeast Asian culture(s) as his inspiration. He felt that the flexibility of the peoples and cultures in the region allows life to grow organically and freely. The set – like dance and music – moves: it interacts with the dancers and reacts to the music. Artist Lisa Foo wanted to present something that was more than decoration or a set that grounds a piece of performance art. She also considers origami (the medium in which her work was presented) as a form of active storytelling.

Future plans for ‘Intertwined’ include a downsized version of the performance in the outdoors, aptly titled ‘Minitwined’. Composer Ng Chor Guan believes that it is a performance that will grow and change together with its artists.