MPO I’m Here Where You Are

‘MPO: I’m Here Where You Are’ is a title that plays with the idea of visibility and presence: it is an affirmation of presence, yet when delved deeper can seem question-like. When read as a question, people on different planes in the same space can communicate with each other, while not possibly be able to see each other.

‘MPO: I’m Here Where You Are’ is a multidisciplinary, interactive, immersive performance exploring the idea of moving together in spaces where multiple universes may sometimes collide. The audience-participants will interact and create in part, the performance with their mobile phones. The audience-participants have to participate in five events, traveling to each area then performing a task before moving on to the next spot. In these five events, they will encounter differing requests and instructions that are related to the idea of presence and being in their interactions with each other and the surrounding environment. Here the idea of separate planes can be conceptualized as the performer-artist plane, the plane that is the collective of the audience-participant and the individual audience-participant plane.


Invited to perform at Beseto Festival, Asia Culture Center, Gwangju, South Korea (2018)